Nowadays people are so obsessed with the idea of perfect planning that they force their passion to the back seat. That day isn’t too far, when the passion won’t even get the prestigious back seat.

Why is it so hard to get along with the thought that being normal is also good? It is perfectly fine to not turn out to be the greatest being yet becoming the person who you always wanted to be from those toddler days. It is fine to pick up your paint brush and draw a window amidst the cotton clouds to seek a way out to your fantasy world. To show that you are unique, you need not climb great heights, you just need to live your life on your own beautiful terms.

In the rat race, people love to blindly imitate the successful beings and not try to figure out the true reason behind their success. He travels the fastest who travels alone. – Rudyard Kipling. Make your own decisions and carry your passion with utmost care. Even if you are the first one to pursue the art which is backed by your interest, then jump into it. You might not be successful at the very first attempt but you will definitely stand out as a victor in the long run. You renew yourself everyday. Sometimes you are successful, sometimes you are not, but it’s average that counts. – Satya Nadella.

In this fast moving world, people simply deal in monetary terms. There is no space for emotions. The so called modern dwellers of the 21st century think emotions dilute their strength but society strengthen their efforts. Is that really so? Society doesn’t even care about you so, stop thinking about the ideals of society. The citizens of the Blue Planet have given shape to the Society. If the very basic foundation of today’s ravenous society is us then how can it anyway judge us. Pick up the litter of the rules of the society and throw them wrapped in forgetfulness in the deep limitless gorges of memory.

You will surely not get the smooth highway to travel, but the narrow meandering dusty roads kept in store for you, will happily take you to your destination. Take small steps but keep moving forward. I walk slowly but I never walk backward – Abraham Lincoln.

Every individual has a secret which can drive him to his the day in life. Indeed, the idea of passion resonates with Rudyard Kipling’s Every person is crazy about something.

However passion will only bring colours at the end of the day if it is accompanied with hard toil. It’s time, people harness their potential and brush up their rusted passion which has been thrown into the deep dungeons of Oblivion.

Come one, come all with your shovels laden with motivation and dig deep into the quarry of originality.

Sharbari Ghosh.



For the last few days, almost every day the newspapers are being flooded with the news of Kerala floods. People from all round the world have donated. Within a very short span of time, various electronic wallets like Paytm have collected some crores (more than twenty crores) of money from their users to provide help to the needy. Could this be possible in our grandfather’s time? Is it only technology which had helped or is I only human mind that helped? Compare this event to the revolt of 1857. The revolt had all the potential to uproot the British colonizers but it could not. It so happened that their communication was very weak . How do we explain this phenomenon? Is it only technology which was at fault or is it only the human mind which was at fault? Are both of these separate entities or is there any relation in between?

Change is a constant of human mind. The line brings forth a witty oxymoron. Isn’t it? Human mind has never been static and this not been static state has always been very constant. From those early ages, we have seen the human minds inventing new things and keeping no stone unturned. However, the human mind has never stressed itself without any reason. Hence, the proverb, necessity is the mother of invention stands absolutely true in this context. The recurring necessities have urged the generations to invent technology. Whenever the people have faced certain wild adversities, they have come forward to tackle it with the power of their human minds. What is technology? In simple terms, technology is a science or technique to invent tools to simplify one’s work and to do it in lesser time. In this 21st century it seems that, in the tough race between the technology and the human mind, the technology is far ahead of the human mind. The human mind had formed the technology. Now it seems as if the creation of the creator is about to supersede the creator himself. What an irony, isn’t it? We are surrounded with various forms of technology. From a simple hair pin to the space ship, everything includes technology. Technology has turned out to be omnipresent and it is slowly turning out to be an integral part of our lives.

Recall the days of the early men. “For every time I see the sky I’m aware of belonging to the universe than to just one corner of the earth.”- Ruskin Bond. Ruskin Bond’s views resonates well with the fact that the human minds never dreamt of sitting idle and his inventions are one of the best evidences. In the timeline, the discovery of fire was the first notable celebration of the early men. Fire was discovered around some two million years ago. Fire itself has led to so many inventions. When we today light a matchstick, do we care to value this invention? Earlier our ancestors used to live alone but slowly and steadily they started forming groups. Fire provided courage and protection to these wanderers. These groups later on merged to form a society. Basically, to reduce the communication gap, all sorts of inventions were coming up. They wanted to live together in harmony. Communication even brought in wheels. Wheels brought in more people and more intellectuals gathered. People started to develop various languages to share their ideas and ideologies. These spoken languages were then followed by written manuscripts. The first paper making process was started in China in (25-220AD). Way back in the Renaissance Age, the first printing press was invented. At Mainz, in Germany, Johannes Gutenberg invented the first printing press.

Gradually, people started to write letters to their near and dear ones from far off lands. Through the letters, people started sharing their everyday stories, their happiness, their bitterness, their anger, their disappointment and all those feelings that they could reflect on the paper. Each and every corner of the world was getting connected like Snehamoy (from India) in Kunal Basu’s The Japanese Wife, who developed a connection with his Japanese pen friend, Miyagi. “He wrote about his college, his aunt and the river. When she wrote about her own river, Nakanokuchi, the words flowed” – Kunal Basu (The Japanese Wife).

With the invention of telephones, people from all across the world, were drawn even closer. Technology started advancing at a very fast pace. Various designs and models of phones came up. From telephones to landlines to mobile phones to the latest smart phones, technology has evolved a lot. Take a step back, pause, analyse. In this fast moving world, do people care to understand this evolution of technology or do they take it for granted? All these communication advancements came to bring people closer but in recent times, these same technologies have resulted in isolating people. Computers, laptops, television, radios and many more sorts of communication have in one way, no doubt helped the mankind but in the other, these have also separated them. Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent.”

On one hand, technology has linked the entire world and turned it into a small and well connected global market. On the other hand, we find people sitting with their phones and laptops for hours together. People in this age are busy making hundreds of virtual friends through mails, Facebook, and through other social networking sites. They love to stay within the four walls of their social networking sites aloof from the rest, far away from the real world. “If you’re happy in a dream, does it count?”- Arundhati Roy (The God of small things). The social media does provide a platform to forth one’s ideas and helps to reach out to a large number of audience but is that all? The new generation is suffering from “infobesity”. Is the fantastic social world of any help?

When technology started advancing, people only cared about its short term benefits but they failed to gauge the long term problems and penalties. The same technology which once, held people together and brought about harmony, it is that same technology now, which is pushing the people away from their families to some remote corners of the world. In this fast moving, tech savvy world, there is absolutely no time for hearty long conversations. Do joint families still exist? “A family that radiate togetherness; and indefinable, enviable kind of specialness” from Anne Tyler’s (A spool of Blue thread). Even the basis of life that is a family is at the verge of ending. Families are breaking away to form only workaholic individuals.

Nowadays people tend to solve everything by texting to their family and friends. While texting and messaging, people at times unintentionally hurt someone since through virtual texts or messaging, only the words are delivered not the emotions. Through these SMS (Short Message Service), people do not understand the intonation and the feelings. Standing at such a juncture, can we probably say that, technology is advancing and our human mind is progressing? It seems we are still in a dilemma. Time is passing by, communication has to be rebuilt before everything turns into a messy affair.

“We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.”- Stephen Hawking. Way back in the year 1949, the first human made object had entered the then mysterious space. The object was Bumper WAC. Down the lane, we find Yuri Gagarin in 12th April, 1961 to be the first man to go to space. Following this historic moment was the space shuttle Columbia. This space shuttle was the first space orbiter of NASA (The National Aeronautics And Space Administration) which was sent on 12th April, 1981. From then on, the fanatic human minds never stopped to invent newer space launchers, satellites and various other space oriented gadgets. “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb”- Nelson Mandela. People went to moon, Neil Armstrong being the first man to walk on moon. That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind- Neil Armstrong. The entire solar system was discovered. Rovers were even sent to Mars to detect whether life can sustain there or not. It is said that the inventions of space launchers and rockets were considered to be one of the most important as well as the finest inventions of all time.

We have now entered the age of robots. The intelligent human minds have created robots to reduce their work load. Did the inventors even ponder for once about the aftermath of these inventions? In today’s world, unemployment is at it’s peak. People are pleading for jobs but alas!, even the minutest work in the factories are being mechanized. Will the robots ever understand this logic or are we basically heading to such an age where only the robots will walk on Earth and its inventors to be no where found? With the evolution of human mind, the technology has evolved as well. “We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell”- Oscar Wilde (The Duchess of Padua). With every new invention popping up in the human mind, the world is turning into a divided state with people who are busy completing their petty works. How many more years do these people treading on the earth need to understand that with the increasing technology, the pristine virtues of a society is going down as well. “I have discovered with advancing years that few things are entirely black or white, but more often different shades of grey”- Jeffrey Archer (A Prisoner of Birth). It seems that, it might happen that if at all human co exist with the robots, then the human race will also have to act like robots. The human minds can also get chips fitted into their brains for storing large amounts of data. Through the scientific brains, the homo robots can also upload and download various files. This day is definitely not very far away when we will encounter such a scenario.

When on one side, technological advances are taking such long strides of achievement, the creators of it, that is the human mind is also trying hard to keep pace with it. Today, the society has grown very liberal. Earlier, women were snubbed but still they were courageous enough to voice out against all injustices like in the poem Still I rise by Maya Angelou –
“You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness
But still, like air, I’ll rise.
However, now the scenario has totally changed. The men and women are working together. There is no work arena where women are not employed. Women have strived to be writers, astronauts, doctors, army officers and so on and so forth. The women have established themselves in all fields. Even after getting established, they still have not forgotten their duties as mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. Hence, still today the lines of William Wallace’s poem, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” are standing true.

The most dangerous inventions of the mankind has been the nuclear weapons. The discovery of the nuclear energy was no doubt a very big achievement but people have not yet learnt the art of taming this ferocious form of energy. The first nuclear explosion took place in Mexico in the year 1945. In 1945 itself, the violent nuclear bomb blasts occurred in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Till date, the scientists could not find any concrete methods to combat the violence caused by the nuclear energy. Various conferences have been held to put a check on nuclear testing and at times a full check on these nuclear activities.

There was a time when the beauty of technology and the charisma of human mind were creating wonders. However, in today’s materialistic world, only technology matters, not the creative human mind. Where is the human mind lacking then? Is it that the inventors’ and his inventions’ frequencies do not match? It seems that this tech savvy world requires some changes. There’s always some room for improvisation, isn’t it ? It is time that the citizens of the Blue Planet come together to reconstruct the relationship of technology and the human mind in their lives.

Do you all remember, why at the very first place, human minds were toiling to bring about an era of technologies? It was because they wanted to make their work easier and in lesser time. Analyse the present situation. More the technology is getting advanced, we are getting even busier and we hardly have time. The biggest issue of today’s world is the scarcity of time. In this century, people want to lots of work at a very short span of time. They want to collect information very fast without even trying to digest them. With the accelerating technology, the human mind is also trying to accelerate its features by modifying the former ones. In the course of time, people want to live more and work more than they actually can, in that time span. Nowadays, everyone is getting familiar with the term digital bulimia. In this case, people try to gulp down more information than they actually can, this results in increasing new information in the minds. This state of receiving excess information leads to anxiety and stress. Once a boon to mankind, is becoming a bane which is sooner or later going to consume the entire world.

“The world keeps on changing, but there is always something, somewhere, that remains the same.”- Ruskin Bond. The humanity is still breathing beneath all the grandeur of technology. Technology has almost casted a magic spell. It is time, that we break through it. Technology has been created by us and it can be controlled by us only. Bend the willow when it is young. When new technologies get introduced that is when they will be in their initial stages, all the pros and cons of the respective technology should be found out before hand. The new generation should also be taught how to use technology and how to utilize their mind. The social world benefits a lot but it also harms several lives through the various cyber crimes.

Being modern does not only imply that an individual should use the latest technology rather it implies that the person should use the technology with a wiser mind. Technology when misused can be a deadly weapon. Therefore it is time, people understand the need of the hour and pay heed to the present condition. People should start shedding their social cocoon. Let’s be optimistic about technology. Recapitulating with the words of Rudyard Kipling’s If – “ And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’”

Life is not a bed of roses

” Life is not fair, get used to it.” , one of the famous quotes of Bill Gates(co- founder of Microsoft Corporation) who also has earned his present place by hurdling over many rejections and failures. Everyone has to face failure in one’s life but one should always remember, ” Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand.” In that same string of events, do consider job rejection also a part of your successful career. Never let rejections cut deep into your mind and soul.

Rajesh clad in a black suit came out of the room with his heavy portfolio in hand but with his drooping downcast eyes. At once, the other job applicants knew for sure he has been rejected. Rajesh felt as though the entire sky had fallen apart, he did not know what to do. He has been dreaming to be a part of IB( Intelligence Bureau) since the day he had acted as a detective in his class 7th ‘s annual day. He returned back home with a heavy heart. He had been enshrouded with an air of gloominess, anguish, anxiety, hopelessness, frustration , disappointment and may be with all other possible emotions.

There might be many more Rajesh in the world. Researchers say job rejection has led to depression , suicide in the recent times. It’s high time the young lads understand, one job rejection can in no way determine one’s future career prospects.
Crying over spilt milk makes no sense. So, when you get rejected in a job interview, remember, never to be sad or frustrated . “All things come to those who wait.” Patience will pay off. You might have worked very hard, kept no stones unturned but there has been some kind of a loophole which led to such a consequence.

One rejection paves way for one extra selection. Keep yourself very calm. Be mature enough to keep your nerves steady at such tough conditions. At such tug of wars , keep repeating the lines of Rudyard Kipling’s didactic poem, “If”, “ If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’”

No doubt in this chaotic state of mind, trying to console yourself seems to be very hard but dear friend, this is the time when you should get up, wipe away your tears and start scrutinizing your latent flaws. Start introspecting. Rewind the entire interview session. Whatever was asked , were you able to answer everything accurately and precisely? What went wrong? Was there a question on your academic callibre, or your presence of mind or your demeanor? Analyse your conduct , your posture and attitude. Were they proper or did they seem to pull down your actual being? In that interview session, were you able to show your capabilities , your aptitude or your skills? Did all your hard work actually surface upto the mark? Pull every minute mistake of that incident.

“Do not judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” Judge yourself, criticize yourself but do not undermine yourself. Wait! Had you been the employer, would you select yourself through that interview? It is hard but be true to yourself. Never pity yourself for what happened but boost yourself for what you can make happen. Be a competitor to your own self. Bring no negative thoughts in your mind. Keep encouraging yourself with optimistic thoughts. Try to work even harder each day. Let sweat touch your toe but your will power should not even waver by an inch.

Sometimes , you even end up thinking that the job was not meant for you. Do not draw conclusions in a hurry. Though there are cases when you end up trying for something not fit for you but that does not mean that at the very first instance, you will start judging. If you feel that the last job you had applied does not suit you, then you can definitely choose the other but do not keep hopping from one to another, be firm on your decision. Apply for jobs which you feel are the best for you, taking in consideration of your skills, abilities and most importantly, your space of satisfaction.

“Jack of all trades, master of none” . Do not overburden yourself. A person cannot stand out be the best at everything. Do not strain yourself to do everything but try to excel in at least one. Multitasking gives no extra badge. It simply implies you are wasting your time in your side business and ignoring your prime objective. Brush up your skills and sharpen your abilities.

Manage your time well while pondering over what to do and what not to. “Better three hours too soon, than one minute late.”- William Shakespeare. Take ample time to learn from your mistakes. Rectify your mistakes and try not to repeat them. Do not waste your time meandering your thoughts into some useless stuff. Refresh yourself. Read books , go through journals or socialize with people.

Never sit alone. If you feel low , go to someone and talk. Involve yourself in some recreational stuff.

Once you have resolved all the issues ,figured out whatever went wrong, what was lacking, – try again , apply again. “Never say die, up man and try.” Do not give up . The day is not far when you will come out of the interview room with a smile so big only to say, “Yes, I did it.”

Best diets for your dogs

To the masters of Bruno, Tuffy and so on and so forth, in this article, here is a list of the best diets for your dog. Dogs have been our pet and our faithful friend from time immemorial. The body mechanism of Dogs are indeed very different from ours, hence their diet is also different.

Beginner’s choice for Best Diets For Your Dog-

The dogs at their tender age when their paws are soft , can start to feed on milk and bread. With milk, the tender being will definitely acquire calcium and from bread, dogs will attain carbohydrates for energy to play, hop, roam about and definitely to jump high to catch hold of the Frisbees. Vegetables can be started after some days. Vegetables like potatoes and spinach can be given with a good serve of lentils as best diets for Dog.

Raw diet For Your Dog-

Raw diet can even contain raw meat and some dairy products like Yoghurt. Raw diets help the dog to have higher energy , shinier and silkier fur and a much healthy and fit body and skin thus keeping your dog healthy. However, some veterinarians are totally against raw diet for dogs since veterinarians believe that raw meat contains bacteria and fleas which contaminate the food and can adversely affect the health of your dog.

Home cooked diet For Your Dog-

Home cooked diet typically contains rice, bread, vegetables and all those food items which the masters’ family also consume on a daily basis. The veterinarians recommend more of home cooked food than raw diet because they believe that home cooked food is cleaner than raw diet and much more nutritious and also provide much more energy as they are rich in carbohydrates thus providing for better health of the dog. Therefore it is basically a tug of war between Home cooked diet and Raw diet to be the best diets for your dog.
Dry diet For Your Dog-
Pedigree, a ready-made food for animals, made by Pedigree Petfoods, a subsidiary of the American group Mars, is the most popular Dry food available for dogs in the market. Pedigree says to provide the dog with better digestion, healthier skin and overall development. So it is suggested by veterinarians for modern family dogs where homemade food cannot be made available regularly, as it appears to be a suitable substitute.

Diets which are a BIG NO For Your Dog-
Grapes should not be given to dogs as it has been seen that in the long run grapes cause fatal kidney failure in dogs. Chocolates and candy a delicacy to humans are a big no for dogs as they cause fatal liver failure, it also causes coordination problems leading to severe health problems in dogs and in certain cases may even lead to painful death. Alcohols, coffee, tea should be kept at a safe distance from dogs for their healthy life since they can even draw your dog into coma.
These are some of the best diets for your dog to keep them healthy and fit.

Travel Outfits

For some shifting one’s previous location to another is travelling , for some travelling means adventure but for some travelling might be a long journey to dig new lessons from the varied hidden niches of the world. The meaning of travelling might vary from one individual to the other but for sure everyone will unanimously will accept that, no travelling can be comfortable if the travel outfits go wrong.

How do you decide which dress to put on while travelling or which one to carry in your rucksack? Keep it very simple. The prime purpose of your clothes should be comfort and then style.

Put on a good pair of soft trousers be it a pair of comfortable denim or a pair of baggy loose trousers. Match the lower outfit with a shirt of a size greater than yours so that you are able to breathe properly even in sweaty conditions. One of the most important thing you should remember before packing your bag , the climate of your holiday’ destination place should be taken into consideration. If you are going to a tropical land, do take buttoned loose shirts paired with trousers or shorts. Girls can also have the same outfit or else they may even try some comfortable floral printed jumpsuit or dress. Suit your tees and trousers with a pair of snug shoes like sneakers for both and bellies for girls. If the weather is cold, then a leather jacket will complete the outfit. Jacket will not only be snug but also classic .

These are some tips how you can make your beautiful holidays count after all some of the best days of our life remain in between the pages of our passport. Isn’t it?


Lying down here beneath a stone behind the churchyard with the flavoured cinerary. I’m barren and withering off even more. My nigrescent days doesn’t seem to pass by. The mortality potion has dried up. No more can I feel the porraceous, the viridescent palm of my mother. My ingenuous spring is lost . Those merry memories and those inebriated days are all near to the portal of Oblivion.

I have bade valediction to the earth so so long back yet I’m incarcerated in the memories of my past. The fleeting emotions during the tranquil breeze which tickled my blade, those arenaceous storms which we tackled with avidity, those pages of my life are yet to be blurred from my undulating mind
One fine day, even these temerarious thoughts will evaporate into the taciturn firmament, then will you remember the last tale of the last leaf?

Response to A.C. Benson’s “The Art of an Essayist”

The way an essayist can write about Arcadian life, he can even concoct tales about elite lifestyle. His qualities, his gestures keeps the ball rolling. But at the end of the day, his essays should be able to cause rapturous applause.

His verses should be such so that it can easily catch one’s attention. If mundane affairs be like Cimmerian darkness ,then the essayists should be capable enough to bring out sparks of life from it. The essayists always do not have the burden of setting the Thames on fire. They can simply write some daily affairs to let his audience peep through the windows of his mind and soul. Essayists cannot go on harping on the same string, they should bring something new and fresh each time , they pen down something. His writings can be of a Mercurial temperament or can be soaked in deep fantasies of life. His essays can walk briskly through the nigrescent experiences to the brightest sempiternal moments. Essays may not have the effulgence of high literary words but surely it should have the lustre of his simple themes.
Essayists should have the ability to carve out the most nescient niches of life into something delectable to savour. Essay is a personal endeavour of course. Its sole purpose is to entertain. Essay is an autonomous unit of literature which does not adhere to any particular topic. Essays cannot be demarcated or put into slots , they are born free under the endless firmament of literature. An essayist portrays the qualities of people from various walks of life yet keeping him aloof from the rest.